What we Believe

We believe that the advances in robotics and machine learning will transform the food industry, just as they are changing many industries now. In the not-too-distant future, the meals we eat will be prepared - chopped, cooked, and served - with the help of robots. This will save people - and businesses - time, lower costs, improve and standardise quality, and reduce food waste.

Who we Are

REMY Robotics is the sister company of Arrival, a recently recognized UK unicorn, and belongs to the Kinetik technology investment group which supports companies at the cutting edge of such fields as electric vehicles, robotics, autonomous driving, biotech, and artificial intelligence. REMY is bringing together top talent in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Software Engineering, and Mechatronics. We are based in Barcelona, a unique and attractive hub for both the food and tech industries, with an optimum balance of quality of life and cost of living in the Mediterranean.

What we're Building

The food industry is not only hindered by high labour costs (25-45% of revenue) but also by a labour shortage due to a high turnover rate of 80-150%. This is unsurprising when working conditions are tough, with long shifts, uncomfortable temperatures (kitchens are hot, walk-in fridges and freezers are cold) and plenty of dangers such as hot ovens and sharp knives, as well as the repetitive and boring tasks involved in the preparation of so many dishes, like chopping and slicing.

Hygiene standards are strict, and becoming stricter, especially given the current global pandemic, and it’s not always easy to ensure consistent quality across different business locations or where food delivery is concerned – a fast-growing section of the food industry. Added to all this, we have the increasing pressure to be environmentally friendly, limiting food waste and recycling as much as possible. For all these reasons and more, we are creating fully autonomous kitchens, using software-defined and adaptive robots, computer vision, artificial intelligence and mechatronics, that can ensure constant quality, adaptability to any recipe, and operational effectiveness across an endless variety of food production scenarios.

The role

In this role, you will be a Product Manager / Scrum Master across several REMY digital products owning a set of products, prioritizing the backlog, and making sure that the teams are synchronized. Our solution is already operational and hundreds of customers have been already getting our food, though without even having a clue that it was fully cooked by the robots.
Thus your scope of work will include the development of the features for our autonomous kitchen internal solutions, as well as B2C customer-facing solutions. We’re looking for someone who is ready to take on a new challenge and the end-to-end development of several products within the multidisciplinary domain that includes not only software development but also hardware with different development cycles and complexity, that’s why Robotics is hard.

In this role, you’re going to work in close collaboration with our robotics engineers, app developers, designers, product and operations team, CTO and CEO to make this happen taking the full responsibility for the priorities, product quality, and the final result.

What will make you a great candidate

  • A desire to work on something truly world-changing
  • A proactive yet humble attitude
  • Experience launching web/app-based products as a product manager
  • Experience working as a Scrum master and working with Agile methodology
  • Excellent project management and communication skills
  • Fluent spoken and written English

What success means in this role

  • You understand your internal and external customers and create a product they value
  • You can create a product strategy and a roadmap
  • You can prioritise features and decompose them into actionable tasks
  • You know how to align teams working on a product and keep stakeholders engaged
  • You can make data-based decisions
  • The features are launched on time and you don’t compromise on product quality
  • You lead the sprint planning and organize daily scrum meetings
  • Our teams have complete clarity on the product roadmap and trust your guidance whenever we need to change direction

What we offer

  • The beaches, food, vibes, mountains and architecture of Barcelona
  • The chance to work on the next big thing in Food Tech
  • Amazing colleagues and a great culture
  • You get to pick your workstation & tools
  • Personal growth, innovation and learning every day
  • Health insurance for you and your family
  • 23-25 paid vacation days
  • Return flights home
  • Gym subscription
  • Relocation assistance