What we Believe

We believe that the advances in robotics and machine learning will transform the food industry, just as they are changing many industries now. In the not-too-distant future, the meals we eat will be prepared - chopped, cooked, and served - with the help of robots. This will save people - and businesses - time, lower costs, improve and standardise quality, and reduce food waste.

Who we Are

REMY Robotics is the latest project from Kinetik, a technology investment group with companies at the cutting edge of Electric Vehicles (ARRIVAL), Robofacturing (TRA Robotics) and Autonomous Vehicles (Roborace). Kinetik has offices in London, Los Angeles, and Moscow, while REMY Robotics is located in Barcelona. For REMY Robotics, we have brought together talented specialists in the fields of robotics and machine learning from all over the world.

What we're Building

We are using robotic technology to take the routine and inefficiency out of cooking, creating a ‘robot chef’ that can help in cook any cuisine or any dish in the world. This could be used for businesses (factories, restaurants, delivery-only), or at home, where people will be able to eat restaurant quality meals at a fraction of the cost.

The core technologies that will allow us to do this are:

● Robotic Perception​ - We can achieve a new level of understanding of the environment through advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques.

● Robotic Intelligence ​- Our algorithms can control to a precise level, creating an intelligent robot that can perform and adapt in every environment.

● Robotic Platform​ - From driver level to high level control, our software is being optimised to meet the high performance and reliability standards of required tasks.

The role

Anything delivered in under 30 minutes. On demand is here to stay and at REMY, we build Robotic solutions that accommodate this trend. Our product is unique in the world and its potential for impact is huge. For this reason, we are hiring the future of this new business, today.

In this role, you will cover all aspects of developing and launching a great product. You’ll get your hands dirty in our operations, will get tactical on the technical or business side and will be involved in the big strategic decisions that involve our business or the entire industry.

It’s important that you get to know our product, our customers and our partners so you’ll spend a few months running our delivery node. In parallel, you will work on the future of our products and brands with our Product team making sure the business runs smoothly and scales fast.

While you take care of our delivery node, you will solve issues on a daily basis, find creative solutions to new problems and maintain a tight feedback loop with our development team. You’ll make sure all orders are complete, handed over smoothly to the delivery riders and that our stocks are full. Besides, you will take responsibility for key areas of the business be it Sales & Marketing, Operations & Growth, or Product Development.

What will make you a great candidate

  • You are curious, often the smartest person in the room and hungry for more.
  • You have the ambition of launching something from scratch, knowing how to move from high-level discussions to hands-on operations
  • You’ve got a reasonable idea of what you’re good at, and an interest in shipping real products
  • The idea of developing something that will touch the lives of millions of people excites you immensely.
  • You're reliable, always on time and you take great pride in your work, no matter what it is.
  • You've got a great eye for detail.
  • You've got a flexible schedule and don't mind working at odd times or on a moment's notice.
  • You think on your feet and can improvise when things go south but also know when to escalate issues that go beyond your control
  • You have good command of the English and Spanish languages.

What success means in this role

  • Our Robots cook meals to perfection and it always arrives in perfect state at the customer.
  • Operations run smooth and incidents are taken care of or escalated quickly.
  • Our Product, Tech, Culinary teams love the detailed feedback you provide them to improve the system and the food.
  • You bring valuable insights as well as your own suggestions on how to improve our Product.
  • You have full ownership of your projects and deliver results on time.
  • You add value in your field of expertise and make sure you develop every day.